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Reply to "Mulatto Couple Produces Blonde, Blue Eyed White Child"

What do you mean? Are you telling us you didn't know that everyone wants to be light skinned and curley haired...---Oshun Auset

Occasionally, you 'plain speaking' gives me pause.

This one did.

But...I think...I get your point.

It is something 'we' are dealing with all the time.

We have been conditioned to believe our 'blackness' is a negative.

That is...largely...what 'blackness' is all the America.

It is several layers in the foundation-wall of Ameirca's color-construction.

Color, i.e. 'blackness' currently the largest obtacle to our exercising our authority to declare an identity that in sync with the ethnological construction of the societies of the world.


Jim Chester