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Reply to "Mulatto Couple Produces Blonde, Blue Eyed White Child"

Originally posted by Pace Tua:

Most of the other comments were like these:

"What a lovely story! The girls are gorgeous and they show the diversity of the human race."
- Rebecca, Brussels, Belgium

"If nature can demonstrate that black and white and mixed race can live in harmony, who are we to argue?"
- Ria Gallagher, Preston, Lancs

"Congratulations on your beautiful twins, know that they will love one another in everything and have a very precious bond and a beautiful life and heritage waiting on them - God bless you and your family."
- Dawn Scheepers, Peterborough, On, Canada

"The twins are beautiful. They appear to be healthy. Their parents love them very much. What else needs to be said?"
- Sandi, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

"Gorgeous girls, these parents are so lucky to have them. Would love to see how they develop and wish them both the very best."
- Dan, USA

"They are both so adorable. What a blessing."
- Jae, CA,USA

"Your children are beautiful and may God bless you all. That is so wonderful. I hope the best for them."
- Sarina, Philadelphia

"WOW is all I can say ~ they are both BEAUTIFUL! GOD bless them!"
- Arlene, New York, USA

"They are soooo cute. I wish I had them. I would just kiss them all day!"
- Shelly, USA

"I just love this picture of one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen in my half century. Just like in cooking, the better you mix the batter, the better the results. BEAUTIFUL!"
- Sandy, Templeton, MA

"Nothing but God can do such a beautiful thing. Your daughters are just beautiful, God Bless you all."
- Pauline Marshall, Philadelphia

"Ebony and Ivory... how beautiful."
- Mari, USA

"This is brilliant news, it's better than all the doom and gloom we read daily! "
- Ray, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear

Roll Eyes

I feel what you're saying, Pace Tua.