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Reply to "Mulatto Couple Produces Blonde, Blue Eyed White Child"


Great post and great story. I read all 76 comments that people from all over the world made about this story and all of the comments were very positive. Some of the comments reported similar stories like these two:

"I am the proud grandmother of 4 wonderful children 2 boys and twin girls and yes the twins are very different, they look exactly like these girls, so not surprising to hear that my son is mixed race and so is his wife. My son is mixed race West Indian and my daughter in law is mixed race African."
- Sue, London

"I also saw this on ABC's Good Morning America. This family really brighted up my day. The whole family is beautiful and those little girls are such adorable precious angels. I too, am biracial and my sister and I are vastly different, she being blond with green eyes and me looking hispanic. I know that in African American families, the children can look very different. It's beautiful. I wish this family the best."
- Kathy, Atlanta, GA USA

Most of the other comments were like these:

"What a lovely story! The girls are gorgeous and they show the diversity of the human race."
- Rebecca, Brussels, Belgium

"If nature can demonstrate that black and white and mixed race can live in harmony, who are we to argue?"
- Ria Gallagher, Preston, Lancs

"Congratulations on your beautiful twins, know that they will love one another in everything and have a very precious bond and a beautiful life and heritage waiting on them - God bless you and your family."
- Dawn Scheepers, Peterborough, On, Canada

"The twins are beautiful. They appear to be healthy. Their parents love them very much. What else needs to be said?"
- Sandi, Cleveland, Ohio, USA

"Gorgeous girls, these parents are so lucky to have them. Would love to see how they develop and wish them both the very best."
- Dan, USA

"They are both so adorable. What a blessing."
- Jae, CA,USA

"Your children are beautiful and may God bless you all. That is so wonderful. I hope the best for them."
- Sarina, Philadelphia

"WOW is all I can say ~ they are both BEAUTIFUL! GOD bless them!"
- Arlene, New York, USA

"They are soooo cute. I wish I had them. I would just kiss them all day!"
- Shelly, USA

"I just love this picture of one of the most beautiful families I have ever seen in my half century. Just like in cooking, the better you mix the batter, the better the results. BEAUTIFUL!"
- Sandy, Templeton, MA

"Nothing but God can do such a beautiful thing. Your daughters are just beautiful, God Bless you all."
- Pauline Marshall, Philadelphia

"Ebony and Ivory... how beautiful."
- Mari, USA

"This is brilliant news, it's better than all the doom and gloom we read daily! "
- Ray, Newcastle upon Tyne, Tyne & Wear