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Reply to "Mourning Family Wants Teen's Murderer Arrested"

..... This is GREAT news!!!    The first step towards justice for Trayvon Martin was taken today!!! 


I DO have to disagree with Rev. Al that today was not a day for celebration.  It most certainly was!!  He acts like this wasn't a victory!!  Like it couldn't have gone the other way.  When he, of all people, knows damn well that a different prosecutor  could have easily decided to let that fool go!!  In fact, the original state attorney DID!! 


So, I absolutely celebrate today's charge and arrest of George Zimmerman!!  And hope for many more victories to come until he is serving a life sentence for the second-degree murder that he committed.


I'm also really not wit Trayvon's mom and dad's insistence that ALL they were/are asking for (or need to be asking for) is "an arrest."  "An arrest" is not good enough!!     An "arrest" is not the end.  An "arrest" is NOT justice. 


I'm sure there's probably a strategy behind it ... but I'm not liking it none!!    The LAST thing we need to be is complacent.  Although I can totally understand a call for "calm" ... everybody has been calm up to this point ... all protests have been peaceful, as far as I know.  No need to get all 'pacifist' now. 


As we see with the Jennifer Hudson trial ... it could take YEARS before a trial in this matter is conducted.  And I think we all can be understanding of that.  But Trayvon deserves far, FAR more in the name of justice than merely an arrest.  and justice demands that that can't be all his family is asking for ... not even now.


But, again ... TODAY'S developments mean A LOT ... for a whole lot of reasons!!  Not  just because it was the just and right thing.  And not just because George Zimmerman is finally in jail for his crime.  But also because of the way it happened ... the protest and demand for justice by sooooo many people that was rightly heard and acted upon.


We did good!