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Reply to "Mother Demands Family Dollar Store Clerk Apologize for Insulting Children’s African Attire"

Why is everyone so damned concerned about how we wear our hair and what we wear?  In Africa, some folks wear damn near nothing. That's what we should do. Go in the stores with our tits slangin' with the beat of the drum. That would be some serious "FREE AT LAST!"

We wear braids, dreds, straightened, NATURALLY whether tightly curled or NATURALLY/CHEMICALLY straightened. There are Black people that have the same dog hair such as yourselves, you know!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Why is that?????? Shit blows everywhere; won't curl worth a damn, can't hold a braid; looks like spider webs, tangles and snarls like a bitch!! Have to wash it every other day so that it won't get lice, fleas and ticks in it like the fuckin' dog.

Maybe a lot of you should go to those dog groomers the Westminster Dog folks take their dogs to, because those animals are the business during the shows. Their hair is beautiful. Ever check out those Poodles and Portuguese Water Dogs and those with the long, BEAUTIFUL flowing hair??? Some, just like yours!!!!!!!! Maybe you should check out those DOG GROOMERS. (Just a thought, because they're pretty!!!!!) What's not so pretty are those fat white human legs running beside them. That's a slight turn-off!!!!!

What all white people should do, is gather up all the surnames such as their own; do DNA on the folks and then kill themselves after they discover the NIGGER within themselves and their FAMILIES. That would cure all this racism shit. QUICK!!!!! This is 'AMERICA', this ain't EUROPE; there was/is/will be a whole lot of fuckin' goin' on between the RACES assholes. You forget that. (The shit was going on in Europe too, but that's another story.) That Black dude you're shooting down in the street could be YOUR BLOOD COUSIN.

An Albinoid on YouTube said ALL you WHITE mofos in the SOUTH have BLACKIE flowing through your veins. That includes you KKK!!!!!!! There are a whole lot of you on TV, when you're not scaring the shit out of folks with your Caucasoid ugliness, that look a little BLACK AROUND THE GILLS. You ain't gettin' away with nuttin'.

There's another Albinoid on YouTube that will tell ALL you YT's, you ORIGINATE from BLACK PEOPLE. Can't find any Caucasoid bones anywhere, originally. So, now what YT? Everyone ain't lying!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Check our your tails while on YouTube!!!!!!! The little fuckers are cute! Look like the pigs' tails my great grandmother used to cook. Your skin cancers, Psoriasis and Shingles are a whole different story. Nothing cute 'bout that!!!!!!

Nite-nite White Folks!!!!! CNN will blaring shit about Charlotte, when I wake up in the morning. Wow ee!!!!! White female KKKoperoo's going to be charged with Manslaughter. She'll probably be joining Darren Wilson within a year!!!! Basking in riches, free as the little squirrels that run up my trees in the morning.

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