Reply to "More Than 100,000 African American Parents are Now Homeschooling Their Children"

Sista Sunnubian wrote:I don't think that people that did not finish school or that do not understand core subjects, like math, language arts, science, etc., are the ones homeschooling their children.



  Many of the return students I dealt with mainly came back to school because their parents in particular were not able to homeschooled them adequately enough to pass certain required tests on to the next level grade. 



  I'm sure that there are a few, but the vast majority of homeschoolers have graduated from high school, or college and it is precisely because they do know core subjects, that they are qualified to homeschool their child. 


It has been my experience that most homeschooled student were not homeschooled by college graduate parents.  Very few had finished high school.


As far as socializing homeschooled children, it's not like just because the child is homeschooled, the child has to live isolated from other children and other people or any other environment.  They will still have their friends, family, and can be involved to many extra-curricular activities where they are in constant socialization with other children their own age.  Many children go through their entire public school life without really ever socializing, or all that much, with other children in school.  Much of children's socialization is through their home and community environment, regardless of school.  Of course, I wouldn't even suggest the most parents even attempt to homeschool their children, but there are many out there that can and that do a good job at it.  Usually, you can't tell the homeschooled child from the child who is a product of public education.


This part I will have to disagree.  It's more than just going to the mall and hanging out or participating in group outings.  School provides social rules and guidelines for obedience and cooperation and other components involved in socialization.  Children won't get that unless parent is active in providing those rules and guidelines consistently.


School also has  a subliminal way of allowing the learning process in terms of how to interact with peers and teachers as a teaching method through growth.  Even though there is bullying in schools, there is an effort to mitigate that.  However, students KNOW when are being bullied and are bullies.  When removed from that environment that is no way a student will know either or both.  That's just my opinion.  And I'm not generalizing.  However, I hear ya my sista. 


 Now, parents that homeschool their child for ulterior motives that have very little or nothing at all to do specifically with making sure their child has a quality education, or where the parents truly are not educated enough themselves to know what they are doing, is likely where you are going to run into children where being homeschooled was more harmful than beneficial.


This part I totally agree!  But!