Reply to "More Than 100,000 African American Parents are Now Homeschooling Their Children"

In 3rd grade my teacher told us to write 10 book reports over the summer.  I put it off and put it off and then wrote them in the last two weeks before summer ended.  Then they did not collect them.  I was SO MAD!


But I didn't find anything I wanted to read until 4th grade.  No one ever suggested science fiction and they didn't teach science in grade school.


So why don't we create a list for Black kids.  One thing we can finally be sure of.  Technology is just going to get more complicated.


Black Man's Burden (1961) by Mack Reynolds

Border, Breed Nor Birth (1963) by Mack Reynolds


The Fourth R (1959) by George O. Smith

The Cosmic Computer (1958) by H. Beam Piper


Now there is tons of stuff to be found for just downloading.  No time wasted walking to the library.