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Reply to "More Likely Black People Should be Angry With Our Own Leadership!"

Originally posted by Kevin41:
I wonder if he'll justify the white police turning black people around with guns to protect their town and sent them back to go drown......too bad they were not heavily armed....

New Orleans had a plan to warn the poor, but it sat on a shelf in L.A.

...and the Caucasian police officers in neighboring towns had the lawful authority to protect their town, against outsiders, the outsiders in this instance being a swarm of Black people.

Black people in positions of leadership did not protect the best interest of Black people who look like themselves. With the exception of looking out for their personal friends, associates, upperclass Blacks, middleclass Black families, no good poverty pimping jackleg preachers, etc., etc.,.....

.....our own elected representatives, no good jackleg preachers, and/or other Black people in positions of influence failed to protect the best interest of the indigent Black residents of New Orleans. The people being rejected were poor Black people, rejected and neglected by none other than our so called elected Black leadership, the Black middleclass, no good preachers, and/or other Black people in positions of influence.

What is so difficult about giving advanced warning to the indigent, the underclass, etc., etc.?

.....or is it more important to earn an unethical living at the expense of the Black poverty stricken, to promote a welfare based economy, that is definitely the reality of life in the "inner city", a pattern of life that is controlled or promoted by the so-called Black middleclass, Black preachers, and/or our own elected representatives. much so, that giving advanced warning would have resulted in a large number of the Black indigent leaving New Orleans.

Far too many of the so-called Black elected leadership, Black preachers, and/or the Black middleclass derive their income from running poverty programs, poverty programs to which government funding is heavily dependent on having an abundance of living bodies to qualify for government subsidies at the administrative level.

The abundance of living bodies used to derive government funding is based on the number of living indigent, such as individuals on social welfare, the elderly living in rest homes, government subsidized retirement living quarters, Black children living in foster homes, etc., etc.

In the event the poverty stricken, foster children, welfare recipients permanently leave town, or skip town, etc., the administrators who run an assortment of poverty programs will no longer qualify for megabucks in government subsidies.

I suppose that the so-called Black middleclass, Poverty Pimping Black Preachers, and treasonous Black elected leaders, were so heavily dependent on the Black indigent remaining in New Orleans, so that they could oversee the distribution of funds for AFDC benefits, poverty programs, foster care for profit, penal incarceration for profit, senior citizen rest homes, government subsidized housing, government subsidized retirement homes for Black senior citizens, etc., etc., that a warning to save the lives of the indigent was deemed unimportant, and unnecessary.

The greed of our own elected leadership, no good poverty pimping jackleg preachers, and/or many of our own Black middleclass to make money at the expense of the underclass, resulted in no advance warning being given to the underclass!

Given fair warning, it is certain that many of these individuals would have taken it upon themselves to get out of New Orleans, before Hurricane Katrina hit, and/or before the levies failed, even if it meant leaving New Orleans by any means necessary.

....That typical no good Black elected leadership, and the Black middleclass who praise them, were more concerned with saving their own hides, and the "Hell" with the rest of the Black community.

But as usual, blame President Bush, the Bush Administration, racist Caucasians, Caucasian police officers in neighboring towns, etc., etc.
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