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Reply to "More Likely Black People Should be Angry With Our Own Leadership!"

Originally posted by Yssys:
More Likely Black People Should be Angry With Our Own Leadership!

Spoken like a TRUE apologist. Look, it is the failure of the government at ALL levels for not responding to the needy, handicapped and elderly people of the Gulf Coast who could not get out. Ray Nagin only has control of New Orleans. This hurricane hit 3 states. How is "Black leadership" responsible for the lack of recovery efforts?

...indeed jefftec, it was Florida that used the names of deceased individuals, ficticious individuals, felons, noncitizens, allowed more than one vote to be cast by the same individual, etc., all of which add up to fraud, that led to the Democratic Party's demise.

......But as usual, it must be the Republican Party's doing, President George Bush's doing, racist Caucasians doing, etc., etc. This just proves that the Black community is still sleeping, very gullible, and must enjoy being kicked in the rear end, kicked in the rear end as a result of ignorance on the part of the bulk of the Black middleclass, far too many no good Black preachers, snake oil sales poverty pimps, our own treasonous Black elected representatives, and/or those who praise them who have join forces with the perpetrators.

Can't compare the chain of events of the more organized rescue effort that took place in Mississippi, with the chaos, the neglect, the truly disorganized rescue effort on the part of local elected representatives, etc., etc., that are attributed to what took place in New Orleans.

.....but it is local government officals first responsibility to act here. Local government stepped up to the plate for the affluent, the middleclass, the well connected, the local government officials being primarily Black and the primary individuals left behind being indigent Black people.

The Black people who were left behind who wanted to leave, lacked the financial means, and/or otherwise to move out. By and large the individuals who were left behind did not own a car, and could not afford to finance their own relocation.

This being said, President Bush, the Federal Government, the Bush Administration, and/or the Governor are not the primary individuals responsible for the wrath of the Black indigent left behind because of this disaster. The slow response, a truly disorganized rescue effort, disregard for the lives of the indigent, etc., etc., by Ray Nagin, and the Black middleclass left the Black poor in a very vulnerable position.

When the SOS for assistance was sent out by Mayor Ray Nagin to rescue these individuals, the primary individuals doing the rescuing, and providing food, clothing, and shelter for the Black poor who were left behind are primarily Caucasians, affluent Caucasians, and/or virtually anyone else but the Black middleclass, or our Black elected representatives.

But OH well, it must be the fault of the Bush Administration, racist Caucasians, the Governor of New Orleans, FEMA administrators, the Federal Government, etc., etc., while our own elected representatives, and/or the Black middleclass look out for their personal friends, themselves, outsiders, and the "Hell" with the rest of the Black community.

Mind you the Black upperclass, the Black middleclass, Mayor Nagin, etc., etc., had a enough foresight to protect themselves, and left the poverty stricken of the Black community, who needed help to leave the area behind.

.....Heck, many school buses and other forms of transportation stood idle, that could and should have been used to provide transportation for the Black indigent before Katrina hit.

When it was time for the election process, finding a means of transportation to get indigent Black voters to the polls to support Democratic candidates came easy, but when the poverty stricken, the indigent, the underclass who are primarily Black, needed support in the form of government or privately financed transportation from this same group of elected officials, and/or the so-called Black middleclass, their calls for help fell on deaf ears.

Furthermore, the damage resulted from the failure of the levies more so than Hurricane Katrina, to which Mayor Ray Nagin, and/or the Black middleclass were not left out of the loop as it pertains to this reality.
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