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Reply to "More Likely Black People Should be Angry With Our Own Leadership!"

Originally posted by jefftec:

Here is a link to article I read:

Questions that have been raised regarding Nagin's readiness:

Should there have been a better plan to evacuate those without cars? Was his police force up to the task? Why weren't there supplies for the legions of people directed to the Superdome? Why were all those city buses left in low-lying areas? Why did so many of his officers leave their posts as the city descended into a chaos that left many residents afraid that either thugs or the elements would kill them?

And here is a thought process of questionable motive:

"The Bush administration has the upper hand because they have the apparatus in place to come up with fingers to point," he said. "They have surrogates. They have a huge network that can help them through talk radio and national radio. They have talking points. State and local governments in Louisiana aren't in the propaganda mode. They don't have the ability to fight back. They are in the rescue and rebuilding mode."

Well, at least the rebuilding part anyway.....

Hello Jefftec,

I know that you clearly understand what should have, or what must be done. You have shown, by your response, that you do not allow excuses, or a personal bias, such as hatred for Caucasians, blind the thought process, or block you from taking the necessary action to save your own community, to the best of your ability.

Be it flood, hurricane, earthquake, fire, etc., and ample warning and/or local resources exist, to save the lives of people in your community, there is not a single excuse as to why any mayor, city councilperson, and/or others who are in local positions of influence, would stand idle when the lives of children, women, senior citizens, the disabled, the poverty stricken, your neighbors, your family, and/or your own are at stake.

This would be expecially the case where the people to be saved are of your same ethnic or cultural background. To cry that the Federal government, the State authorities have not arrived, or will not come, therefore as the leader of the community, I will sit by and do nothing, when resources of all forms exist to make things happen. The resources can be people, vehicles, existing roads, boats, helicopters, food, clothing, etc., etc. Considering the circumstances, it would behoove any leader, his followers, and/or others to do the best that they can by using their own talents, energy, resources, etc.,.......that is if the aim is to survive.

It is certain, that many of the poverty stricken, most of whom are Black, who lacked transportation to leave, who wanted to leave before Katrina hit New Orleans, have lost respect for Mayor Ray Nagin. It is certain that his chance of being re-elected by the local residents, especially those who choose to stay and/or who will return will not back Mayor Ray Nagin for re-election. Furthermore, slim chance exists where any outsider who has followed this story, who elects to relocate to New Orleans, would support Mayor Ray Nagin in any bid for re-election.