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Reply to "More Likely Black People Should be Angry With Our Own Leadership!"

Originally posted by jefftec:
Michael said:

Notice the key phrases here, in that state and local officials had no problem at all finding transportation to get those who vote, who are also in poverty, to make it to the polls, so that the Democratic Party can elect or re-elect individuals from within and outside the community into political office. When the alarm was sounded to evacuate the poverty stricken, many of whom also voted, no form of transportation is available.This being said, it is a bunch of crap to even insinuate that President Bush is the culprit, when as reality has it the local and state officials of the area, affiliated with the Democratic Party, used the voting poor to promote their concerns, while ignoring the plight of the underclass to be evacuated from the area in advance of Hurricane Katrina.

[COLOR:BLUE]Michael I'm trying to understand how the Mayor let this happen, with disastrous results. What could he have been thinking?

....In addition to "What could he have been thinking"........

.....Contrary to what some of the detractors of this message board have expressed, closer to the reality of it, far too many of our own elected black leaders, and/or many of the Black middleclass are bending over backwards, begging to serve, kissing up to please, etc., every other community but the Black community!

At what point will the Black community hold its' own elected leadership accountable?

The election, and re-election of misfits, into influentual positions of influence, such as an elected representative, etc., as it pertains to far too many of our own Black elected leaders more so than the Bush Administration and/or racist caucasians, is mainly responsible for keeping the Black community in poverty.


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