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Reply to "More Likely Black People Should be Angry With Our Own Leadership!"

Originally posted by Constructive Feedback:

Your post is no different in spirit than the people who are using this tragedy to bash Bush.

It is clear that there was no EFFECTIVE plan of action to deal with the enevitable flood that was predicted.

I blame folks from the local all the way up to the Fed for not having a plan in place before hand.

I also ask why a greater portion of the Black community that needed service was not engaged in the SERVICE PROVIDER side of the house. Were were the Black National Guards Men who could offer their hand in service to their own people?

It is sad that this event will be used to forward the debate that was going on in this country prior to the storm hitting.

.....This has nothing to do with any debate, or any analogy to "Bush" bashing. Our own Black elected leadership, and/or that so called Black middleclass have failed. It is certain, that Mayor Ray Nagin, will be the first in line to be fired, should responsible voters, residents, speak their minds. Mayor Ray Nagin had the power, the authority, and the resources at his disposal, to create an opportunity for the indigent to be evacuated from the area, before Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans.

...and the same can be said with respect to the inept elected Black leadership and disgraceful Black middleclass who praise them, as it relates to Los Angeles, Compton, Baltimore, etc., etc., etc.

A Black man spoke his mind over national television today, which brings the point home, the statement being, "Like the Caucasian middleclass, the Caucasian affluent,.....the Black middleclass and/or Black affluent, ran and never looked back, to leave the Black underclass behind".


Michael Lofton
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