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More Likely Black People Should be Angry With Our Own Leadership!

OK let me see if I get this straight, a black mayor running a predominantly black city where 27% of the people are under the poverty line. That translates to about oh, 50,000 households that don't own a car. He orders an evacuation and leaves the most vunerable of his constituents behind with no means to get out. These by the way are the facts, now here are the questions;

1. Did Mayor Ray Nagin know these folks did not have cars?

2. Did Mayor Ray Nagin not care that these folks had cars?

3. Did Mayor Ray Nagin care about these poor folks period?

Here we have this nigger, who is pointing the finger at everyone but himself trying to lay the blame at everyone elses feet to deflect blame from his utter and inexcusable incompetence.

Yes, I agree the Feds response was pathetically slow, but when the water recedes and the body count mounts, the majority of this should be placed at the feet of Mayor Ray, an obvious failure within our own leadership.

The stench coming out of New Orleans comes from years of corruption, not caring about the poor and of course, the welfare state.

There are a lot of black folks who left New Orleans, but nobody is talking about that. Do you know what those folks have in common? Most of them are self-sufficient.

You foolish-ass negroes can keep blaming as many white folks as you like. Everytime I see a black mayor, I see black folks suffering in misery, continuing to add to the permanent underclass.

Isn't it interesting though that we never hear about the stench that always resided in city hall before. The media was strangely silent when everybody was "shucking and jiving" along, black folks living in poverty and horrible conditions.

Now that we have a tragedy which exposes Mayor Ray Nagin and his cronies along with that incompetent ass Governor, the blame should go to Bush.

That's OK though, because the people that lost their loved ones, they know the deal,.....they know the deal" by Big Shaft

Well said Big Shaft,

Indeed this is true. Mayor Ray Nagin especially, and the Governor of Louisiana, Mayor Nagin, more so than the Bush Administration, should have been the first line of defense, offense, action, etc.

As it stands, by and large, the affluent, middleclass Blacks, Mayor Nagin High Class Associates, middleclass Caucasian, other individuals of middleclass status left New Orleans, well in advance, of the wrath of Hurricane Katrina and the death that followed.

It should have been Mayor Ray Nagin's first responsibility to aid the disenfranchized, the poverty stricken, who primarily are Black, so that they too, would have escaped the wrath of Hurricane Katrina, and the death that followed. At sea, the captain of the ship, is the last to leave, in the event the ship begins to capsize. Generally, the captain takes action to save or grant life boats to the sickly, women, children, the elderly, before his fellow shipmates, and the captain can leave a sinking ship. The same should apply to Mayor Ray Nagin. Mayor Ray Nagin bent over backwards to save his personal friends, himself, and the "Hell" with the indigent!

It is a known fact that typically our own Black leadership could care less about the plight of the Black underclass, and/or the Black community in general, because the same conclusion can be proven as it relates to Black Los Angeles, Black Baltimore, etc., etc.

....But as usual, blaming the Bush Administration, the Feds, President Bush, Racist Caucasians, gives our own disgraceful inept Black elected leadership an excuse to do nothing but play the race card, or the pointing finger at everyone else except themselves, "Blame Game".


Michael Lofton
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