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Reply to "Missouri Football Coach, Gov. Nixon Weigh in on Student Protests"

I never understood a hunger what if the opposition just don't care and you starve yourself to death...


And this shit wouldn't have happened if Black folks just go to HBCUs instead of going to PWI...but you know Obama want every Black person to go to Cracker schools where we get treated like crap.


Thanks Obama.


Obama's America everyone, where White and Black people act like it's 1950s all over again. 


Congrats to Missouri students, better human beings than me cause starving and marching and using megaphones ain't in my nature and the people that be around me nature.


We'll be like the White kids in Berkeley that break shit.




Thousands of revelers took to the streets around Channing Way and Piedmont Avenue in Berkeley’s Southside neighborhood Saturday night in what many called “a riot” that ultimately resulted in property damage and at least three assaults, one of which sent a victim to the hospital.


Greenwood said there had been some reports of people throwing rocks or bottles, so officers withdrew from the immediate area but continued to monitor the situation and respond to life-safety issues. Greenwood said there had been no tear gas used, or any other force used by police in relation to the crowd.



Are they criminals Mr.President..





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