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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:

You're absolutely correct.  The people do have power. But notice how that power is defined and acceptable as long as you DO NOT question the existing system (any of them)? 



But that's the thing, M.C.  


It's NOT that we are not ALLOWED to question the existing system.  It's NOT that we are somehow barred or restricted or somebody is standing shotgun, forcing us NOT to question that system.  Or ANYTHING that "they" do or say or want or have.


People don't question it .... simply because they DON'T do it!!    Most (or at least very many) ... don't even KNOW what to question!!  Or HOW to question it.  The majority, I would say, DO know that there IS a problem .... i.e., they can SEE that capitalism is indeed unbalanced, unfair ... and even criminal (as the laws and rules are written today) on a lot of levels.


But you shouldn't confuse inactivity or indifference ... or even ignorance ...with a false sense of powerlessness against being able to do anything about what's WRONG with the situation as  whole.  They are NOT the same thing.


The inequality of the current system CAN be significantly and successfully dealt with and changed to something much more balanced ... if there was a social and political WILL (by the people) to do so.  And just because it ISN'T being changed ... doesn't mean that it CAN'T be.


You want people to be more involved in the community on a civil service level?  Model their economic lives to mirror it.   What concerns me is that as a community that has been under the gun and oppression of Capitalism, we've bought into its siren song (aka pipe dream) of striking it rich.   Meanwhile other communities are seriously challenging and making those adjustments for the better of their households, communities etc. 

Exactly.  But who's fault is that??