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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

This 'thing' you have about "it's ONLY about what the corporations want, and how they want it, and how they feel, and what they think and what they do that MATTERS ... AT ALL" .... about how this country and the government and the capitalist system works is very confusing to me.  And I don't get why you are so convinced that that's true??    When it's not.

That's not out of my desire for it to be that way.  That's the history according to their own pen.


Court decisions (from local to the supreme court) rule in favor of who and why?


Laws are written from the perspective of (who) and for what reason?


All of this before you touch the cultural celebration of the very wealthy, who's wealth is a direct result of the oppression we're fighting against.


Elected officials are being set aside (with little concern over the legality of it) for the benefit of who and for what?


Even when the people exercise their voice (voting power), the net result is something the people don't want and something that favors the corporation.



You're absolutely correct.  The people do have power.  But notice how that power is defined and acceptable as long as you DO NOT question the existing system (any of them)? 
You want people to be more involved in the community on a civil service level?  Model their economic lives to mirror it.   What concerns me is that as a community that has been under the gun and oppression of Capitalism, we've bought into its siren song (aka pipe dream) of striking it rich.   Meanwhile other communities are seriously challenging and making those adjustments for the better of their households, communities etc. 

This  is worldwide.


Back in the day people used to call it 'being the white man's lawyer'.   Now we can add to that being a lawyer for Capitalism.





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