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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

Absolutely no part of this should be shocking or surprising.   I know for a fact that I've posted updates on this site detailing the coming (and past tense) bankruptcies of several cities, including The D.


However, this is what happens when denial hits a wall and sh*t gets real.....real fast!


Outrage will increase as the denial mechanism breaks down.   The problem for people who see this has a "political event" and thus reasoning that people should be more politically active is that the political system (and its actors) are not interested in solving the problems faced with it.  That's not wishful rhetoric on my part, that's the history of this type of situation-and anyone who's studied it know it, and knows the U.S isn't immune.


Less than 90 days after the "fiscal cliff" was marketed as a deal/disaster averted, there are stories everywhere about cuts to everyday services that will make the lives of the people worse........on top of them already  getting worse.


put it all together.


Who's taking over the school boards?

Who's taking over the cities (in the managerial aspect)?

What's happening to city services that haven't been privatized?

What are people being told they must accept in the way of getting through this situation?


I've said before and I'll say it again........Black people need to look this system in the face and.........!