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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

What is it that you propose that African Americans do?


Let it go.  Im dead serious.  Once you let it go, you'll begin to entertain ways of designing a new system that doesn't function this way.


It is not the system, but, the carefully calculated and deliberate removal of the system of checks-and-balances that were in place to bar such abuse of the system in the first place.


Here's the problem with the above, that's a characteristic of the system and NOT a separate reality from it.  I seriously don't want to sound condescending or the like, but I don't think people mention the above....they (no matter how well intentioned) quite understand or value what's meant by "its the system".  The CEO's and Boards of Directors are in positions where finding and developing methods for circumventing "checks and balances" is the right and logical thing to do.   The decisions to exercise such large influence doesn't come from an external force, its the internal logic that produces it which is why you get the same sets of options from those who go into business OR government.  Government now functions as a proxy for capitalism because that's in the best interest OF Capitalism. 

What good for the people/community  are not considerations, however the logic of the situation says "if its good for increasing profits (or productivity out of which profit/surplus is extracted), then do it"


Arguing that capitalism can be checked and controlled is like arguing that white supremacy can be checked and controlled.  The very idea ignores the fact that it (in both cases) has no interest in being either checked or controlled.


Thus you see similar patters of things appearing to be okay (however you define it) and then BOOM all hits the fan. 


The solution (in both cases) is to let go of the institutions that not at all rooted in justice and equity in dealings and develop new ones that are modeled after such. 


.....keep in mind the current economic mess isn't by far the only problem with the existing system.  There are environmental/ecological disasters to having an economy based on >3% compound rates of growth forever.  Its not possible, but if you consider the above, you'll see why they don't care that its impossible long term.  Do it short term and let the next man deal with the mess.


We cannot (and have no reason to) expect justice and equity from a system that is sociopathic.