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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

Originally Posted by Muhammad Cipher:


Arguing that capitalism can be checked and controlled is like arguing that white supremacy can be checked and controlled.  The very idea ignores the fact that it (in both cases) has no interest in being either checked or controlled.





What I don't understand is WHY you INSIST on giving ALL the power to those (capitalistic) entities??  


Not that I don't understand that, yes, at this point they DO have it!!  (Which is a point that you seem to think YOU are the ONLY person understands ... but, believe me, you're not! ) .


However ... the fact is .... that the REASON why capitalists/corporations HAVE that power is because NOBODY (i.e., "we the people") DO NOT (and let me make that point abundantly clear ... we DO NOT - NOT CANNOT - but DO NOT!!!!) do what's in our best interest to usurp that power!!!  


What you're suggesting is that "the system" can't/won't/doesn't change because "the system" is TOTALLY and COMPLETELY in charge ... holds ALL the power ... and, of course, isn't about to change because of the internal benefits that that power bestows upon them!!  


But the government is only a "proxy for capitalism" because WE elect the government!!  I mean ... for some reason, you seem to just simply REFUSE to understand that it is the ELECTORATE that establishes this government.  And, granted, while the American public DOES do a piss-poor job of self-regulating itself ... in ANY election, that can ALL CHANGE!!  


Now ... of course, you don't think it WILL.  But that doesn't mean it WON'T!!  Nobody thought anyone with the name of Barack Hussein Obama could EVER be elected POTUS in the year 2008.  Ahhh ... but he DID, didn't he???  


Yes, I wholeheartedly agree with you that, right now, today, we and "our system" ARE totally screwed up!!  But I don't agree that there's NO power to fix or regulate that system .... simply because those in charge of it have some ALL-ENCOMPASSING power that negates any possible 'rule of law' from adequately containing it.


The POWER of the corporations and the government comes from the PEOPLE.  It's NOT the other way around.  And the BIGGEST PROBLEM is more so that THE PEOPLE don't exercise their power correctly ... than it is that the government/corporations have the ability to exercise their power in a way that negates us from using ours!!


This 'thing' you have about "it's ONLY about what the corporations want, and how they want it, and how they feel, and what they think and what they do that MATTERS ... AT ALL" .... about how this country and the government and the capitalist system works is very confusing to me.  And I don't get why you are so convinced that that's true??    When it's not.


What the PEOPLE want and feel and think and do is the TRUE CONTROL when it comes to governing in America!!  And ... while I would COMPLETELY and wholeheartedly entertain any argument that stated that "the people" are screwing themselves with their lack of understanding and effort and participation in THEIR OWN self-benefit and self-preservation against corporate greed and economic dominance  .... 


... but to suggest that WE have no POWER over people that ONLY HAVE that power because WE GIVE it to them .... (considering that that means that we ALSO have the power NOT to give it to them if we so choose!)  ... baffles me.  


Why do you refuse to grasp the understanding that a PENDULUM swings BOTH ways ...and ONLY want to give the power of it's motion to ONE SIDE over the other??    I mean ... there's no balance to that.  So why do you choose to be stuck on only ONE side??