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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

Originally Posted by sunnubian:

What is it that you propose that African Americans do?


I, believe that it is not the system, but the abuse of the system and the blatant disregard of our constitution, and 'will of the people' want by our politicians.  It is not the system, but the undue influence that corporate America/Big Business, Lobbying groups and deep pockets have on our politicians, our legislatures and even our Supreme Court.  It is not the system, but, the carefully calculated and deliberate removal of the system of checks-and-balances that were in place to bar such abuse of the system in the first place.


But, with all of that it brings us to where we are economically and it is slowly-but-surely bringing the American people and the American workforce to its knees.  Since the American people are also comprised of African Americans, what exactly is it that we could do as a group to save ourselves from such a now corrupt system of government, especially in light of the fact that, particularly due to racism in America, we already [and always have] had our own problems maneuvering and stay above water even when they system was not so corrupted?



What do you mean by THE SYSTEM?


The technology of the 20th century changed the workings of the economy.  Westinghouse gave us electric power based on Tesla's ideas.  Ford introduced the moving assembly line.  That changed the productive capacity.  Poverty could have been eliminated.


Instead we got planned obsolescence and the deliberate manufacture of useless variations in crap.


Try getting an economist to talk about what Americans have lost on the depreciation of automobiles since World War II.  Economists do not really talk about how THE SYSTEM works.


Suppose MLK and MX had said double entry accounting should be mandatory for Black kids in the early 60s.  What would have happened since then?


The economics profession set the planet up to crash, partly because they are technological morons who regard money as more important than resources and technology.  So waste has created cash flow and bad things happen when the cash flow slows down much less stops.