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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

Originally Posted by roarin1:


Like it or not, Detroit is a city in-- and a part of the United States of America and therefore, where are the voters in what is supposed to be the 'greatest democracy' in history, beholden to the will of a single dictator? Where is the National outrage? To usurp the the will of the people by suspending the 'vote' of the people, is in and of itself (in reality...) treasonous (right?)


Strike two.





Where are the voters, indeed??  


I can tell you where they haven't been ..... at the polls ... exercising their right to vote and making intelligent decisions about WHO gets to govern their daily lives and who doesn't!!!  


In all the harpings over the past two presidential elections about "the historical turnout of African Americans" to the polls .... THE most important aspect of that sentence gets severely ignored .... and that is the one word: "historical." 


Yes ... twice ... Black people have turned out in droves to elect "the first Black president" ... to proudly exert both their "Blackness" and their "American right" to cast their votes for who THEY wanted to be elected into ONE specific job.


But ... what about ALL the presidential elections before that??  What about the every two years state, local and Congressional/Representative elections???  Where the hell are the Black people when it comes to WHO their mayor is?  WHO their city council members are??  WHO is sitting on the school boards dictating their children's (dismal) education??


You wanna know WHY something like a "Rick Snyder" is the sitting Governor of Michigan right now??  Because when the elections for city commissioners (who draw district lines) ... and the Governor (who sets the rules and the power for the state) took place - two years after they showed up in "historical numbers" to elect "a Black man as president"  ... Black people were nowhere to be found!!  


Yet they magically showed up again ... waiting in lines for hours ... bucking all attempts to "hold then back"  and "deny them their rights" .... show the White people "who was the boss of them ...." and AGAIN vote (primarily only) "for the Black man" ... but didn't give a HOOT who ELSE was going to be running their show ... i.e., the daily activities and laws and rules that govern their lives everyday.


You're dang right there needs to be NATIONAL OUTRAGE over the way some (too many) of these Republican Governors are turning these primarily-Black cities into discriminating dictatorships and retracting ALL of our civil rights and privileges, one-by-one!!  


And that OUTRAGE needs to manifest itself in BIG WAYS at the next mid-term/state, local, Congressional elections when .... after paying attention to WHO is saying WHAT about the way to govern our lives ... we make the BEST decisions on the BEST people to see our vision forward.


But ... staying home under the false belief that those elections "don't affect us"  and we don't need to show up .... gets us (Detroit) and (Michigan) and (every other primarily Black city in the nation) .... exactly what we've got right now!!  


And that ain't nobody else's fault but our own.