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Reply to "Michigan Governor Declares Fiscal Emergency In Detroit"

I have no idea why the voters in the United States (not only state of Michigan nor the city of Detroit,) have allowed this 'circus' to continue for as long as it has. First of all, only after 'redistricting' in the state of Michigan, had Rick Snyder won the govenorship at all, thereby, calling into question his legitimacy.


Strike one.


Like it or not, Detroit is a city in-- and a part of the United States of America and therefore, where are the voters in what is supposed to be the 'greatest democracy' in history, beholden to the will of a single dictator? Where is the National outrage? To usurp the the will of the people by suspending the 'vote' of the people, is in and of itself (in reality...) treasonous (right?)


Strike two.


Though the state of Michigan and it's policies may seem obscure and far removed from mainstream American political practices, the actions of one govenor in one state (as can be true in any state,) have consequences that finally reverberate throughout the American political system. Where is the National outrage?


Strike three.


Which is why I look and will continue to look 'suspectly', at the U.S. political system.


Strike four you're out.