Reply to "Michael Jordan Invests 500K in Low-Income Charlotte Literacy Programs: ‘I Wanted to Reconnect to the Community’"

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  I'll take LeBron over Jordan ANY DAY.  Now Jordan?  Is a COON!  Cuz he had BIG money loooooooong before Lebron came on the scene.  So he can take those little dollars back and stick it where the sun don't shine.  But!


Of the top NBA athletes, Jordan is a bottom rung loser!!


* Shaq has a high quality shoe line that is specifically targeted to low income fans....sold ONLY at WAL MART!!


* Magic Johnson has literally THOUSANDS of Black people working for him in his Movie Cinemas, Restaurants, Sports Teams, and TV stations (Aspire)


* Carmelo Anthony dontated enough money to keep three community centers (recreation centers) in Baltimore City slated for closing due to money costs.




--->> In closing, Jordan please go back to your country club and just shut up!!!



I'm sorry for venting...I had to express the truth

I absolutely agree!

Considering just how much money Jordan has made, and how long he went without doing a damn thing for African America, including poor African American children and youth in North Carolina, or even his own damn home town.