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Reply to "Michael Bloomberg to protesters: Blame Congress, not Wall Street"

And speaking of George W. Bush .... The states started going broke and teetering on the brink of bankruptcy one-by-one after 9/11, when federal mandates were handed down that ALL states had to implement various security measures to protect the U.S. from subsequent attacks. 


States had to revamp their security at airports, seaports, and federal buildings, provide special emergency and hazard training to police and fire personnel, and otherwise prepare themselves for what to do in case of another terror attack.  Some had to do more than others, depending on the level of threat.  And GeeDubya (the federal government!!) declined to pick up the tab for those changes!!


Instead, he chose to spend billions to attack/occupy/rebuild Iraq.


Because of that, the states' budgets were ALREADY in trouble once the Republican Administration, Republican Congress, two wars and an illicit corporate mortgage fraud broke the back of the economy and brought it to its knees. 


To further compound the situation, extraordinarily high unemployment, foreclosure and business closure rates have made it impossible for city and state governments to recoup the additional (and unexpected) funds they had to shell out for the (mandatory) beefed-up security measures they had to put in place because of lost revenues from sales, property and businesses taxes that many residents are no longer able to pay.


Therefore, layoffs of city and state employees have been imperative as last and only resort of many local governments who no longer have ANY money left in their tills to pay for them. 


Perhaps GeeDubya should have thought about the consequences of his actions before he invaded a sovereign country that's taken 10 years worth of billions of dollars being spent to bring to a close ... and instead took care of making sure that the states here in America - especially one as vital as New York - were on better financial footing to be able to implement his mandated security measures. 


Maybe then the city would be in a better financial state to protect the peaceful display of American democracy by residents and citizens who have a Constitutional right to do what they are doing.