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Reply to "Mexican Drug Lord El Chapo Rips Donald Trump Via Twitter Following Second Prison Break"

Originally Posted by Momentum:

Trump's big mouth may have wrote a check his ass can't cash. 


Same thing I was thinking.  


We can sit back and see just how much racist-hate rhetoric about Mexicans he spews from here on out.


When Trump made that statement, I think my mouth dropped open in disbelief, then I remembered that it hasn't been that long ago that Republicans used the same racist-hate speech and spread the same stereotype Propaganda against Black people as their 'dog whistles' to get votes to win elections they otherwise couldn't [and still can't] win on qualifications and merit alone.  


I, mean, remember "Willie Horton"?  "Southern Strategy"? the "Welfare Queen"?


Not to mention the entire "War On Drugs" front for harassing, brutalizing, setting up, wrongfully imprisoning, disproportionately policing, "Stop and Frisking", covert and over constant Surveillance of, and murdering with impunity of Black people in America.



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