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When people celebrate Christmas, in essence, what they are really celebrating is Mary, Jospeph, and the immaculate conception of the birth of Jesus. According to Yosef A.A. ben-Jochannan, the author of The Nile Civilization and the Spread of African Culture (1986), the Mary, Joseph, and Jesus triology is derived from the African Egyptian Isis, Osiris, and their immaculately conceived son Horus. Therefore, according to Jochannan, there is no "pagan" relationship to this Christian (Jewish) translation of Egyptian Mythology. Any other activties contributed toward this celebration are only done to make the holiday more festive and exciting. Would you attend a birthday party for example, just to tell someone Happy Birthday, then leave? And not participate in the "extra" activities that goes along with the celebration, such as socializing, presenting gifts to the guest of honor, and the tasting of food? I too become frustrated around holiday times and distrubed by all of the hooplah surrounding the holiday, but then I remember that everything that the Christian knows about religion, spirituality, and a Higher being was handed down to him from earlier African Civilizations. We know that Africans are a very old and ancient people and so it would unrealistic to have the expectation for their original conceptions of God and religion to have remained in tact. Therefore, should we be disturbed or suprised by the fact that Arabs, Jews, and Europeans (all late arriving people), have taken these spiritual concepts and translated them in ways that they can identify with, placing the major figures of modern biblical scripts in their image and likeness, in order to satisfy the needs of the members of their culture?

All faith is FALSE, all faith is TRUE
TRUTH is the shattered mirrors strewn
In myriad bits; while each BELIEVES
his LITTLE BIT the whole to own
(From: "The Kasidah of Haji Abu el-Yezdi"; as translated by Sir Richard F. Burton)
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