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Originally Posted by Momentum:

Sunnibian, anyone, what future do you see Africa or certain African nations in the next 20 years? I ask this because Africa have so many resources and intelligent people yet they are still being systematically exploited by Europeans. 

The birthplace of Coffee and Chocolate are just 2 obvious products they get little in return but billions are being made by transnational corporations such as Sara Lee, Nestle, Star Bucks, Kraft (the Patriots owner), Proctor and Gamble, 


For example in Ethiopia they are getting 8 cents a kilo for coffee yet a cup a coffee is sold for 2 to 4 bucks a cup and you get 80 cups of coffee from one kilo of beans. New York and London set the prices of all commodities. 


Perhaps efforts like the mentoring program some these young people will find a way to break from the exploitation the whole continent receives from Europeans as all other so called 3rd world countries.


I listened to President Obama’s remarks to African leaders. He said, “We don’t look to Africa simply for its natural resources. We recognize Africa for its greatest resource which is its people and its talents and its potential,” he told the largest gathering of African leaders ever held in Washington. “We don’t simply want to extract minerals from the ground for our growth. We want to build partnerships that create jobs and opportunity for all our peoples, that unleash the next era of African growth,….” Big maybe.  But at least there;s focus  on Africa although POTUs did not invite leaders on the bad list.  This will take years to evaluate.


What’s missing, what’s always been missing is action talk about technology transfer which would put foundational know-how in the hands of neo-colonized Africa.  Autonomy is not in the interests of the big eaters, EU, China, and USA. It’s also true that all nations naturally put their own interests first. That’s a given.


Charlie Rose interviewed five African Presidents on the meeting. Maybe they do not think long term, only $hort term.. I don’t know. It will be on YouTube soon.