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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."


Kai: Just because someone attacks you, does not mean that you have to respond in kind... or respond by using personal observations gleened from other threads...

I will not disagree with this. AudioGuy, I just need to know that if I do not defend myself on this forum when attacked, someone will speak out, and respond with corrective action.

I welcome those who wish to attack my views... Personal attacks are out of bounds. When someone aims to destroy my reputation (even if it is an online persona) I am naturally inclined to defend myself. I will resist this urge if I know that the situation will be handled by those selected to deal with such things.

I like this place...I think that it is rather hip...I am great at defending myself online, and even better in real time (thanks to Poison hand Kenpo)...I really don't have a big problem with handling these attacks without help, but in the process I don't want to disrupt a place that seems to be positive.

There is always room for improvement, and I see that poster input is welcomed, and so I am confident that this board will continue to improve. In the meantime, I would suggest the enforcement of rules which will make outsiders feel a little more welcomed, and safe from personal attacks.

Well that is my 17 cents...I won't be cheap and give just a couple of pennies...

The Antideluvian Mir Erector,