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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

Originally posted by virtue:
... and I tick off AudioGuy regularly (smile Razz)..... but I have never taken any of it personally or felt like I was attacked for simply THINKING differently...
You don't tick me off... You merely drive me INSANE!!! Wink lol

Kai: Just because someone attacks you, does not mean that you have to respond in kind... or respond by using personal observations gleened from other threads...

HB: Same as above...

Just a reminder... this is an internet discussion board, full of some facts and a whole lotta opinions... try not to take it so seriously... just back away, take a breath and let it go!!!

Repeat after me: RELAX, RELATE & RELEASE...

"Can't we all just get along??

-Rodney King
(after gettin' his ass beat - if he can do it so can we...)