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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

Here is what INTERPRETATION is NOT: When the person or thing you're interpreting responds and says "No that's not what I meant" and you insist on your "interpretation" anyway, then you're implicitly accusing your source of being (for whatever reason): unreliable, corrupt, or dishonest.

You are in fact "forcing a reading" especially when you're a female making claims about what happens in a man's head. I don't think the statement below (which for me marks the turning point of all this) is an interpretation:

Originally posted by virtue:
Originally posted by HonestBrother:
You failed to undertand my point. I was not denying being excited. But, YOU, my dear, are the one looking at the picture making the judgement that the woman is "loose."

Who are you to tell us what goes on or doesn't go on in the mind of a fantasizing man??Especially when I, a man, am telling you something very specific about my experience. Who are you to over-rule my opinion on the matter?

My point was that the idea of the woman being "loose" plays no part in the enjoyment of the pictures. In fact, the idea may ruin that enjoyment.
"I don't assess the morals of a woman with her azz in my face.... I just enjoy it.... and Virtue.... you are very wrong for pointing out that she is loose..... I don't see her azz as loose.... I see her AZZ.... and enjoy the beauty of it.... YOU, my dear Virtue, have the nerve to JUDGE this lovely piece of AZZ grinding in my face as loose!....."

-My interpretation....

I get it....

so be it....


That's not interpretation. What you wrote approaches mockery. Of course you can believe she's loose. It is your right. I'm not debating that. I wasn't denying that you're free to do so. But I'm not obligated to share your perception. My only point was that your perception plays no part in my enjoyment. My "ridiculous position" is once again repeated below.

As for you believing "Kai is a very good guy" you can have him. The mere fact that you don't have a problem with him makes me have a problem with you - you must be seriously deluded and not quite as virtuous as your name would have us believe. As far as I can see, he's an ass, a bully, and a brazen liar when it suits him - and that's not because I disgree with him. That's not just me calling names. That's my honest opinion of him. I don't hold that opinion of any other person on this site. In fact, I don't hold that opinion of anyone else that I know ... I'm an academic... I disagree with plenty of people.... I don't accuse all of them of being liars. That's not a charge I make easily.

You want to be treated like a NOI woman? Then perhaps you should stick to NOI sites...

Anyway, whatever.... You want me off the board? I'm off.. I have a life ... and don't like dealing with fools...

Everyone else, it's been fun!
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