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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."


Neither one of you is my responsibility. Have your disagreements. But it's piss poor behavior to drag other people's offline activities and comments onto the board. It does not bolster your argument to continually ask HB on the board about this woman or bring up the contents of what are clearly private conversations. It's rude and wildly inappropriate.

I have not asked him about anything more than what he has made obvious on the board.

It does not require the contents of anything private to see what he is about.

Are you saying that you had no clue in regards to his feelings before i brought it up? Was it a mystery?

I simply brought it to the light because it has been the basis of his attacks against me since I have come to this forum.

And for god's sake it should have come to the light anyway since he has clearly demonstrated that he is not stable enough mentally to have what he wanted.

Justice is Blind...