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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."


She hasn't earned any special treatment from me... I'll treat her as I would anyone else... especially if she's going to be as pigheaded as you are.... In fact, she got off sorta light

Special treatment? I wasn't expecting that...I was expecting you to treat her like she was a woman that you respect.

I think that the civilized man would understand that there is a proper way to handle a woman. Your anger will be no excuse for assaulting a woman that you have praised everyday before now.

We boast and brag about how educated we are and yet we behave like savages when it comes to our women.

i understand why the sisters here would be insulted to see the men on this board lusting after whores while singing the praises of thinking women.

HonestBrother, your monday morning apologies will ring hollow when those who know you begin to realize that your abuses are habits...