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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

There are far to many assumptions being thrown around here.

First of all, a provacatively dressed woman does not equal a promiscuous woman.

Secondly, a man appreciating a provocatively dressed woman does not equal any kind of desire to have sex with said woman, or "loose" women in general.

Man...You can say that about any photograph...

A picture of a white man wearing a white conelike hood with a big red cross on it, holding a knoose and pointing at a black man, could actually be something other than a photogrpah of the Klan....perhaps we are just looking at it in the wrong way...

there are tasteful pictures of women who are posing in a sexy manner, and then there is stuff hugging the line of porn. Some of the photos posted on this board have been the stuff which borders on porn..Some photos were tasteful...I am sure that you guys who do not like promiscuous women closed your eyes when the raunchy stuff appeared....