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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."


the initial question raised by Virtue was legitimate.

Let's not be dishonest. We are not limiting the fantasizing to women who pose in tasteful photographs. We are including within the fantasizing women who are obviously professional strippers. The latest "gift" On the den displays women who are clearly demonstrating sexually provocative movements.

if you all want to split hairs and say that women who pose in Hustler magazine, or Penthouse, are not sending a message of promiscuity then fine....But we all know better.

Sexual freedom, liberation, or whatever is the message you receive from a women who poses in a provocative manner in a sexually enticing magazine, or on the net.

The bottom line is would you still enjoy the photos if you discovered that the beautiful woman you were fantasizing about was in fact a sexually liberated woman who enjoys frequent one night stands?

And uh...I am just now seeing the exchange between honest Brother and virtue at the "sista spot"....I fail to understand how men can bring themselves to fight a woman like that.

has it come to this?