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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

Originally posted by ddouble:
Obviously your ability to post in the Den has returned virtue Roll Eyes Amazing!

A repost:

This whole exchange is actually what we were asked not to do - you know that virtue and yet you continue. You said you were going to drop this issue and just avoid the Den. You've managed to do neither. Frown Not only did you hijack a thread in the Den, but now you've created a brand new thread in a different forum just to continue to push an agenda you said you were going to leave alone. And adding insult (literally) to injury, you cannot refrain from taking potshots, implying lack of moral fiber & character in those who disagree with your viewpoint.

Edit: Frenchy, you've decided to jump into the fray as well. Rational answers were given. They just did not match the responses you wanted us to give. Admiring physical beauty is not disconnected from appreciating character and other qualities in women. The constant attempts to insult & shame people into following your path is disappointing.

This is a slippery slope - one day your thoughts & posts may be deemed inappropriate by a member here. If that day comes, will you willingly submit your contributions here (regardless of whether you think they are good, bad, or neutral) for censorship?