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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

Originally posted by Kai:
You said this:

" I don't like being involved with promiscuous women.... As I am not myself promiscuous. I do not become involved with women who I would never consider marrying."

Further you said this:

"There's a (HUGE) difference between (anonymously) looking at a picture and (physically) sharing your body with another person."

Now, I am sure that you are of those who have viewed the photos of half naked women.

Finally you said this:

"In a fantasy, you haven't committed yourself...You simply entertain the possibility"

Here you are justifying fantasy...The subject is half naked women...Should we not understand that the fantasizing in question is fantasizing about half naked women?

I don't view these statements as contradictory:

Yes you should understand that the fantasizing in question is indeed about half naked women. We agree there.

But my point was that

1) The model is not herself necessarily promiscuous just because she's posing.

2) The mere fact that she is posing suggestively does NOT necessarily send the message that she is promiscuous.

3) The person enjoying the photographs is not necessarily perceiving the model as promiscuous nor deriving pleasure from the thought that the model may be promiscuous.


ALL I'm saying, folks, is that it depends: On the model, the pose, the viewer...

There are many variables in this situation. And not everyone responds the same way.

What's so damned controversial about this statement??