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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

Originally posted by Frenchy:
The men who are terrified of what their wife will do when they aren't looking, are usually the ones cheating their asses off.

As for the Thong Parade:

As was discussed before, neither virtue nor I nor anyone else who thinks those threads are... unfortunate, have any desire to tell people what to fantasize about. What is hilarious is that people get so damn INDIGNANT when the microscope is turned on those threads in a "How dare you even mention all those precious thongs?!?!? Them joints is SACRED!!!"

You enjoy it, fine. You like to see it and comment on it as often as RadioRaheem can turn out new threads, cool (I guess). You also should have no problem talking about it like a rational human being when someone asks you a question.

virtue sounds like she's asking why men who claim to not date promiscuous women feel so strongly about seeing as many pictures as they can of naked rumps. There's seemingly a disconnect between the two actions. "Oh no, I would never date a woman who has been around the block, but I will seek out and look at those very same women and whack off like a mutha!" I mentioned something similar in the original discussion and was met with the same heavy-handed "Just because we look at tits doesn't give you any right to JUDGE OUR INTELLIGENCE and that is so WRONG and stop trying to tell me what I can get off on and the actual clit wasn't really showing if you squinted your eyes real hard and blahblahblah" from everyone.

It's irrelevant and nonsensical and misses the mark. These are valid questions people are posing. It's less "stop doing this!" and more "WHY are you doing this?"

There are some things that are just always going to be brought up on this board: men's "insatiable" appetite for T&A, Black women being "picky", HeruStar's Asian girlfriend, etc. Those don't have to be fighting words all the time.

Edited to Add: Before someone jumps to any conclusions, I must say that I do not at all agree with the characterization of these women as promiscuous because they are in suggestive photos. That is not my angle, not something I agree with at all because I define promiscuity by the number of sexual partners someone has had and I don't think promiscuity is always a bad thing. But that does not make virtue's question any less valid or the histrionics any less irrelevant. Cool

I tried to answer the question. I TRIED TO ANSWER IT HONESTLY.. but what I resent like hell is people not taking the answer seriously and going "No, what you really mean is.."

Frenchy, if someone did that to you, and repeatedly, you'd have a fit...