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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."


You have already beat me to the punch. I wanted virtue to stop all this "I'll slip in a veiled moral judgement/attack then back off and pretend that my intentions were read wrong" stuff. Clearly, she believes that the bikini models are loose (how you determine that from a picture I don't know) and that the appeal of the pictures suggests some lack of moral fiber in the Den. This is plainly an attempt to shame people into following her standards.

There are no naked women here - scantily clad sometimes. But there are threads with fully dressed women (some by RadioRaheem) as others have clearly indicated. Enjoying a fantasy by no means prevents a man from pursuing a woman of substance.

You're kidding right? You think I'm going to believe that men don't look at those pictures because it excites them? Okay...... As far as being loose..... I don't think men who view photos such as this "think" much of anything...... However.... A woman with a thong on posing for God knows how many male strangers doing a close up of her rear simulating sexual movements or positions would be sending the message of sexual readiness and openness to hundreds (thousands?) of men..... would be considered in even today's time as loose........

one does not have to be rigid or religious to see that....


Here's another attempt to impose your moral standards on the Den (along with another needless shot at the men here). Just like we respect your right to post your sentiments regarding the pictures, respect our right to have them here. You said that you were going to just avoid picture threads in the Den (you also said you were going to stay out of the Den, but I knew you didn't really mean that!). Why go back on your word & continue to push this issue? Now if the gentlemen here began to make demands on acceptable posting in A Sista's Spot, would you support that as well?
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