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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

Originally posted by Black Viking:
Originally posted by virtue:

There are no threads full of brilliant women, modestly dressed women or women of good morals..... titillating and exciting the men here.....this is not of interest to the men here..... the interest is the woman who is open with her sexuality.... enough to be photographed in motion simulating acts gratifying to the men...

I strongly disagree. This board is full of brilliant women with good morals (who may or may not dress modestly) that are titillating and exciting to the men here. You're extrapolating that the feeling of lust (which is often a passing, momentary feeling) is somehow equal to any sort of genuine interest. However, they are not in any way equal.

As proof of this, you need only compare the compliments made by the men in Radio Raheem's picture threads, to the compliments made by the men to the women on this board. Those whose insight, sincerity, and intelligence, have earned them such praise.
The threads with the most hits are the ones with naked women..... so a few comments here and there about women with substance are...... nice..... but not the norm..... and certainly not the most popular...

**Also, I was a member of another board (many members here were there too---a hip hop board--don't ask--) and the moderator there started a thread full of modestly dressed women and muslim women in beautiful garments from around the world...... many of the male posters commented heavily on their respect, admiration and need for women like this in their lives...... the thread was very popular and was re-done several times.....

the message was not lost on the women.....

at least not me....

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