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Reply to "Men love promiscuous women..They just don't want to marry one."

Are you really asking a question or are you making a statement? You've already discounted any potential dissenting opinions as "lying and denying" so what's the point of presenting this as a question?

Have you polled enough men to know that:
Men love dating, knowing, talking to, spending time with, and even purchasing things for women who are liberal with sex. Men appreciate the hell out a woman who is just as willing as he is to have sex. the bigger her appetite, the better.

Truth is, most men today don't even have a problem with the fact that while a woman is not with him, she is in bed with someone else.

This kind of woman is good to know...When asked what the nature of the relationship is...the man smirks, and says "She is just a good friend"...His friends know what that means, and so they start begging for her telephone number. They want to be her friend too.

is an accurate characterization of all (or even most) men?

Additionally, where is your data to validate these conclusions:
Will a man knowingly marry a "Freak"? Hell Naw...Why??

Well the truth is that a man cannot stomach the thought of his woman in the bed of scores of other men. Even while he would date this kind of woman, he does not like the idea that this woman will carry, and raise his seed.
I don't care how beautful a woman is..if a man learns that she is a former Freak...He will not want her as a wife.

IMO, people should view sexuality from a pragmatic, or a functional/moralistic standpoint.

If it's pragmatic, everyone should acknowledge that sex is used for pleasure & procreation. Be honest & responsible in your sexual decisions and drop the value judgements. If your view is functional, any sex outside of procreation is unnecessary. This makes man & woman "freaks". How is "spilling seed" in the context of marriage any different than pre-marital sex?

You present this topic with the notion that a sexually liberated woman is always loose & immoral. You also appear to suggest that a high female libido is wrong in some way. I think that when a person is ready for marriage, they are no longer interested in people who are not of like mind. If a women is seriously preparing for marriage with a man, why would she be out dating others? You're setting up an enigmatic scenario.