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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Originally posted by xxGAMBITxx:
I have to appreciate everyone on this board because I appreciate the value of diffrent perspectives. Nothing is more boring and more worthless than a group of people in continual agreement lockstep. *shuddering at the idea of a race of mental clones...bbrrrr*

But my biggest appreciation I would have to say is for qty226. Not only have I known her for a few years (before but she has given me back some hope for people younger than me (damn I sound like an old man now). This sista has, on mores times than I can count, leashed my "warrior" side and convinced me to utilize my "intellectual" side more and more to resolve conflicts. While my two dueling natures are always raging, qty has made this worn out vet realize, life is not always about warfare. thanks

Aaawww...well first of all you know that i always 'hate' these types of forums...........because i feel bad when i've left someone out.

But thank you Gambit/Ebony....... kiss

I look at, as a family.......

Each member has a different personality, different dreams, hopes, lifestyles, careers, etc., but all working towards a common goal........loving our community.

MBM, founding father, old members, and new members....I've learned so much, since being here.......and i have the entire community to thank.

Much luv to all of you.... kiss