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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

My favorite members?


Rowe - a down-to-earth, intelligent and proud sista who always has an insightful comment about African America or the Africa Diaspora. She also has inspired me to learn more about African cultures and I like the beautiful West African sistas she always has in her avatar. Smile

Oushun Auset - she knows everything there is to know about Yoruban and West African philosophies and always inspires me to learn more. I also love this sista's revolutionary ideas and spirit. fro

Yemaya - she inspires me to know more about my African heritage as well and has true insight on the African Diaspora.

EbonyRose - she's just so gosh-darn nice that it's hard to not like her. I like her peaceful approaches to things too. Smile

Firefly - she continues to amaze me with her interest in African literature and her depth in art and philosophy. She truly gives me reassurance that there are good White people out there (not to sound patronizing). hug

Fabulous - always so full of spark and life....

Virtue - very deep and interpretive in philosophy and life.

Sandye - always so patient and understanding, it's easy to talk to her about different subjects, like a knowing aunt.

Diamond - a literary extraordinaire who peaks my love for books and makes me want to go to my neighborhood library.


HonestBrother - like the older brother I never had. Smile He's so worldly and knowledgeable that sometimes it scares me! His love and appreciation for women also inspires me to get to know women in a friendlier and more personal way. He's also inspired me to think about seeing if I could take a math course from him someday....

Black Viking - rational to fault, level-headed and also has a philosophical side. This brotha must scare the hell out of racist people with stereotypes of Black men. tfro

Kweli4Real - patient, understanding and knowledgeable on economics and politics. He inspires me to study even more and work harder on my major. Smile

Shango67 - understanding yet tough, strong and revolutionary. Sometimes he makes me think that he's Malcolm X reincarnate. Big Grin

xxGAMBITxx - amazes me with his investing and entrepreneurial know-how and convinced me that not all venture capitalists are pigs( Razz), some are quite helpful and vital. And that entrepreneurship goes a long way for the Black community. Cool

Nmaginate - one of the few people I've ever met in the e-world who can match me in a debate. ohsnap May not always agree with his approach, but I can damn sure appreciate his wisdom and clarity. tfro

Kresge - this brotha is bad and educated in world religious and existential thought! He makes me want to go back and brush up on my existential and spiritual philosophy. beer

Fagunwa - the male version of Oshun Auset, he makes me want to go to Africa to live amongst my ancestors and immerse myself in African culture and the African struggle. Smile