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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Originally posted by Tre:
Fabulous--you are every bit of your name--FABULOUS! I couldn't tell you how your mature and encouraging words have been of such great help to me, especially as it relates to being secure and happy in my singlehood. You are a true gem. appl


Fab: Wow. I am deeply touched, Tre. hug Thank you for the kind words. You're a beautiful person and you always make me smile, so a compliment coming from you means a lot to me. Smile


Tre: My beloved 2XGam. Where would I be without your witty charm and humor. Don't forget our imminent nuptials. I've already gotten several offers from those large corporations willing to sponsor our ceremony and lavish reception. eyes

HoBro, HoBro, HoBro--what can I say? You've been the brother that I've never had. Listening to me vent about my Comps exam and my questioning about why I'm getting this degree (you may have to tell me again) 4 Anyway, your combination of intelligence, down to earth demeanor mixed with a little bit of ghetto is not only riveting, but it's also quite sexxxy. cabbage

Here's to the three of you, and the many friends that I have met on this board. I love you all--and just know, that you have a friend in me.


Awwwww. . .Right on, Sista Tre beer And thanks again.Smile