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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Thanks to all those who said they appreciated my posts.
Big Grin

I appreciate,

MBM for having the site.

Empty Purnatra, because he inspires me to become more literate and eloquent when it comes to socialist movements. That brother is young AND BAD when it comes to breaking down political/economic systems!

Rowe, because she is an intelligent, strong, and inspiring sister who always posts interesting topics and fly avatars.

Kresge because he just simply amazes me with his wealth of religious and historical knowledge and has single handedly destroyed my hypothesis that all X-tians were either myopic or evil and knew better.

Honest Brother, because he let me know what it is like to actually still 'like' someone that I don't agree with all the time on something as dear to me as African History.

Ricardomath because he always sticks up for the Mexicans.

There are many others, but I can't think of exactly how to phrase my appreciation.