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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Now, I can't post to this thread without showing my appreciation for two of my favorite brothers here -- Honestbrother & Black Viking.

Honestbrother hug kiss -- this very intelligent & passionate brother has such a wide range of interests, he pretty much holds his own in any discussion -- yet whenever I needed assistance with the functions of the board [when I first came here], whether it was posting in a 'color' text or posting pics, this brother has always patiently taken the time to help me.

(He & I removed those posts because, well, not everyone needed to witness my DUH! moments). lol

His quick wit and great sense of humor when responding to some of my earlier postings endeared him to me from the start. His humorous responses sparked my own. Overall his "positive influence" has made my posting experience here enjoyable.

I also enjoy the photography he shares with the board -- from beautiful African American women to different types of beautiful flowers. I feel "touched" by this gift of his.

Oftentimes he is the first to apologize or admit a mistake [in my observation]. Although I haven't yet, I will 'try' to do the same [cause some discussions can & DO get heated]. Smile

Black Viking hug kiss -- Another very intelligent brother who has also been kind to me right from the start -- always willing to help me "learn the board" (sorta speak), and always coming to my aid when [cough] necessary.

When I read BV's postings I always feel like yeah because he expresses himself so eloquently. I would refer back to some of his posts, but there are so many of his that are very well stated. His positive influence -- simply knowing there are brothers out there like 'him' is inspiring to me.

Also, he has opened my eyes to Taoism. Smile

Bottom-line, the brothers & sisters on make me proud.