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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Wow ... this is a really hard one to answer for me! The truth is, I learn something new on this board just about every time I come here ... and almost all of the members here who contribute are responsible for that! So, it will probably take several posts over time for me to fully be able to answer this.

However, just off the top of my head for starters, I would have to say that over the years, I think I have been most inspired by Sandye and Len and Yemaya who are so unlike me .... reserved, quiet, insightful, inspirational and patient ... that they truly make me want to aspire to be like them when I grow up!! Big Grin

And then there is Kweli4Real and Vox and Black Viking who are all so calm and rational and just seem to drop their knowledge and then go back into the shadows. I have always wished they would post more, but I always learn from them too.

And I guess I have to add to that Kresge and 4yainfo and Empty Purnata who always tell me something I didn't know and influenece my thinking and opinions ... and for someone who loves to learn, that's invaluable! So, I really appreciate them too.

Rowe, who has a completely and totally different perspective on just about everything from me makes me understand what things look like through eyes that are not mine and from places that I've never seen! She re-affirms for me that just because something is not my experience, doesn't mean that it doesn't happen or does not exist. And plus, she's really patient with me, and I appreciate that! Smile

And then there's several of the newer (and younger) members like qty226 and msprettygirl and Fabulous and Honest Brother and ma'am ... who tend to make me feel old Smile ... but also keep me connected to the real world and to the future ... and make me really proud and hopeful of our youth! I am also appreciative of Firefly's openness and non-judgmental quest for knowledge about our culture and who we are as a people. I find it refreshing.

And, of course, there's James Wesley Chester who teaches me by his experience that with age does come wisdom. And I can only hope to reach his level of all three of those one day!

And last but certainly not least, I am very thankful for MBM's enthusiastic entrepenueurial (and probably capitalist!) spirit that we wouldn't be here to enjoy each other without! I think he's amazing.

And, I'm sure I've not mentioned everyone who has inspired and/or influenced me here on the board. But again, it's just about everybody in one way or another and I'll try to remember to come back and complete the list as more names come to me! Smile