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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Originally posted by xxGAMBITxx:
Originally posted by Fabulous:
Gambit's "Investing 101. . .Academic and Real world" thread has encouraged me to try my hand at investing. I started out with a $500 brokerage account but I have since increased my account. . .I am slowly getting the hang of it.

Because of Gambit's well written posts on the subject of "Investing" I have taken it upon myself to independently read more [on investing] and listen to Jim Cramer's radio show [monday-friday/12-1pm].

Who would've thought I'd be listening to a "radio talk show" about buying shares & trading. Eek

Gambit & I rarely post together but I read all his postings, and I appreciate all that he has to say. He's a great combination of intelligence with a great sense of humor.

And those times when he's a little grouchy is cool too -- he's a great guy who keeps it real and I've learn a lot from him.


I'm just happy to help and to hear you're doing your thing. I had someone mentor me in economics and investing (black man who I found out later was a millionaire..and he never told me. Red Face) and I'm a strong advocate of the "teach one, reach one" philosophy.

hug...Now about that grouchy thing... daz Big Grin

rock Well, I'm certainly glad you have the philosophy that you do -- because you have broaden my horizon by sharing your knowledge. Smile I actually get a kick out of checking my stocks regularly. LOL. Hey, I'm a newbie y'all, so it's still FUN.

Funny how when my ex husband would talk about investments -- it would simply put me quickly to sleep. *yawn* Don't know what's up with that. LOL

Anyway. . .

. . .as for that "grouchy" thing, hug I was just tryna get your attention. [cough] & [smile]

YOU grouchy?!? NEVER!!!!!!!

Fab <<<<<<~~~~~~~ was just teasin' Smile