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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Originally posted by Sandye:
Originally posted by Fabulous:

In terms of "influence" I would have to say that Sandye has been a positive influence for me.

Along with being very intelligent & wise, she's also a very classy lady with a lot of heart -- and a loving spirit that trancends the internet. She seems to always have a kind word for everybody & her calm demeanor is apparent in her postings. Quite frankly, she is the one woman [from this board] I would love to meet one day. I'm proud of her and everything she's about. She makes me want to do better when it comes to interacting with the people on the board & accomplishing goals I've set for myself.

And she's beautiful inside & out. Smile

Sister Fabulous: That is one of the nicest things that anyone has ever told me directly, and I appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. You honor me with your words and I am humbly grateful that I have been a positive influence for you. Your "spunk" and "spark" are contagious, and I have every reason to believe that you will be able to accomplish every goal that you set.

Again, thank you very much, Sis. I think you are very special and simply Fabulous! thanks hug

hug You are very welcome dear Sister -- those words came straight from my heart [although I probably could've expressed myself better..ah well Smile]. I appreciate how you've shared with us [from time to time], the early days when you started your business, and how you were eventually able to hire your daughter as office manager. You also mentioned words of wisdom you received from your grandfather.

Dangit! I don't remember verbatim and unfortunately I couldn't find the post/s. . .BUT I did find ALL of what you said "very inspiring" & a "positive influence" when I needed it the most. Smile

And thank YOU Sis for the compliments -- yeah, I believe I will accomplish those goals I set for myself. Smile

My Sister Sandye says:

FABULOUS <<<<<<~~~~~~ The sistah got spunk AND spark!