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Reply to "Member Appreciation"

Prepare the smelling

This may surprise many, but, at the top of my list for change of mind/cause and effect - of the explosive type - I'd have to say Nmaginate And while I don't always like his methods he has over time shaken me to my senses and squashed some of my misconceptions about African America, and white priviledge and more, and from whom I've both learned a lot and had a sly laugh now and again. Unfortuntely, that usually tends to be at someone else's expense. ohsnap

I am forever grateful to have 'met' both Kresge and Fagunwa who really do walk the talk and give me faith that their are people who are both deeply religious and spiritual, who are also receptive to others' belief systems and are genuinely non-judgemental. There are two of the few people I have ever met who respect themselves enough to respect everyone else they come across.

In her quest for wisdom and insatiable curiosity I take my hat off to Rowe, who always take time and care in her postings, which are always diligent, elegant and respectful.

EbonyRose is equal parts politics and social theorist. I love her intellectual honesty. The same can be said for Kweli4Real.

A lot of other posters here I like a lot and respect but you asked who has influenced me the most and really made me think.

I also really appreciate Diamond and HonestBro's literary suggestions. What is it they say....? Booklovers are better Wink

Thanks to y'all. hug