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Reply to "Member Appreciation"


Originally posted by HonestBrother:
I thought it would be good to have a thread where we talked about how other members have changed our minds about issues, given good advice, or made recommendations that were helpful. I.e., Let's talk about how we influence each other positively!

Gambit's "Investing 101. . .Academic and Real world" thread has encouraged me to try my hand at investing. I started out with a $500 brokerage account but I have since increased my account. . .I am slowly getting the hang of it.

Because of Gambit's well written posts on the subject of "Investing" I have taken it upon myself to independently read more [on investing] and listen to Jim Cramer's radio show [monday-friday/12-1pm].

Who would've thought I'd be listening to a "radio talk show" about buying shares & trading. Eek

Gambit & I rarely post together but I read all his postings, and I appreciate all that he has to say. He's a great combination of intelligence with a great sense of humor.

And those times when he's a little grouchy is cool too -- he's a great guy who keeps it real and I've learn a lot from him.